How The Feudal System Started

In the Medieval Ages, Feudalism started because invadors and vikings .The system also governed life and required people to perform certain duties and obligations it was basically the economic system. Feudalism was a complex system which classified those in the class system, a social heirarchy. Feuadalism first started with William the Conquerer he invented the Feudal System.A system like this had been used in France earlier, the basic rules for the Feudal System were that all land belonged to the king.Feudalism was a form of government that people thought was nescesary to perserve this form of government but it was also the absolute loyalty to the king.It was also a way of protection after the Roman Empire fell and Chalemagne helped start feudalism.There were many factors that led to the decline some of those things were the crusades,the black death Magna Carta and the 100 years of war.Feudalism made a big impact on the economic system back then.

The Feudal System

This is a picture of the Feudal System and how their social system was based.As you can see the king was always on the top of the system.

 The Crusades

.The initial goal of the crusades was to fight over who controlled Palestine, also known as the holy land because it was  where Jesus had lived, preached, and died. The first crusade involved peasants from Europe (1096 CE) who traveled to the Holy land. While on their way there, the peasant crusaders attacked the Jews in Germany. They blamed the Jews for Jesus's death. Before the peasants even got to the holy land, the Turkish troops killed the poor peasants. Three years later nobles and knights reached Jerusalem, after approximately a month, they beat the Muslims and the European crusaders controlled Jerusalem.There were about 5 crusades in the span of 20 years.Most of all the crusades were because each religion wanted to take control of the holy land. Most of the crusades were fought between the christians,muslims and jews.They fought a lot and not many of the crusades were very sucessful but some won.

Magna Carta

In the Middle Ages King John's nobles developed the Magna Carta and made King John sign it.The main reason of Magna Carta was because of to equal the powers of everyone.Magna Carta said that everyone even the King had to obey the law.King John was also a selfish bad king he was nicknamed ''Lackland'' because he lost/lacked a lot of land.Magna Carta was also the inspiration to find more ways to limit the kings power.Magna Carta and Parliament were mostly based on the same values.Paraliment is also the lawmaking body governing England today.Magna Carta was very important in the Middle Ages because people thought the kings were being unfair about putting people in jail for no reason.The impact of Magna Carta made people want to find more ways to limit the kings power.

100 Years of War

Magna Carta had changed governing in Europe but hadn' t changed it in any other countries.What began the 100 years of war was the King of France died[and he didn't have any children] and 2 men were fighting over the spot of king.One man was from France the other was from England he was the actually the King of England.The war began in 1340 and finally ended in about the middle of the 15th century.They fought over the spot of the king and eventually the man of France won.This did not go too well with the man from England and the english invaded which also started the hundred years of war.The war had a lot of downfalls there was some capturing,and a lot of taking control of some parts like rivers and channels.

The Black Death

The Black Death devistated many areas all over the world.More than  a third of Europe's population was killed which is about 25 million people.It first started in China but after the disease spread to Europe it started killing many people.The disease was known as the bubonic plague which caused big bumps all over your body and could damage parts of your body permanently.The disease was caused by fleas that bit rats but really the rats transmaitted the disease to the peopleThe results of the Black Death caused people to be more careful and to watch out more for diseases.

Pope VS. Kings During the Middle Ages

Pope Gregory and Emperor Henry got into a very big argument during the Middle Ages.What started this argument was that Pope Gregory disapproved of the choice of bishop that Emperor Henry had already chosen.Emperor Henry got very angry because he thought the pope was questioning his authority.They both often had disagreements about who was more powerful, the pope was head of the church but the emperor/king was head of the land.Emperor Henry fought for his descion and argued about the popes control.The Roman Catholic Church issued  excommunication  which was banship and that what they did.

By Maddie and Jen